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Please review the following terms and conditions relating to this reservation.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Please review the terms and conditions relating to this reservation.


Renter must be 21 To Reserve and Check-in.





 All owners, tenants, and guests must register at the office upon arrival. If arriving after 5 p.m., please register the following morning. Keys can be left out at close, upon request.


Reservation fees and deposits:


Reservations greater than 90 days in advance of the date of arrival require:

1.       $300.00 deposit at time of booking

2.      An additional deposit of 50% of the total rental fee (taxes not included) 90 days prior to the date of arrival

3.      A final deposit for the remaining unpaid balance 30 days prior to date of arrival


Reservations between 31 and 90 days in advance of the date of arrival require”

1.      An initial deposit of 50% of the total rental fee (taxes not included)

2.      A final deposit for the remaining unpaid balance 30 days prior to date of arrival


Reservations 30 days or less in advance of the date of arrival require full payment at time of booking.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and check.




A fee of $35.00 will be charged for all returned checks. Although each property will be completely equipped for rental purposes, we cannot accept responsibility for aesthetic conflicts. We reserve the right to change units for any reason.



Cancellations & Refunds:


Refunds may be issued for cancellations. You must give a sixty day written notice of intent to cancel either via email at casadelmar@casadelmar.net or via US Mail in order to receive a refund.


Should the owner of any property elect to remove their property from our rental program, the guest shall not hold Casa del Mar liable. In such an instance, the guest will be relocated to comparable accommodations determined by the rental agency. If comparable accommodations are not available, the guest will receive a full refund.


Casa del Mar is not responsible for events beyond our control, e.g. inclement weather, maintenance issues.



Check-In / Checkout:


Upon receipt of your payment, your Reservation Confirmation will be mailed or emailed to you.


Check-In between 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Check-Out is 10:00 AM. No exceptions!


All condos are cleaned and inspected upon your arrival and the cost is included in your rental fee.



Condo Equipment:


All condos are privately owned and equipped for basic vacation needs. Kitchen utensils and a starter supply of soap and paper products are made available for all rentals. You will need to bring or purchase additional supplies.


Telephones are provided. Local calls are free. Use a calling card or dial collect to place long distance calls.


Maintenance problems in the condo will be handled in a timely and professional manner. The rental rate will not be adjusted due to any malfunction of equipment, which includes TV’s, VCR’s, DVD’s, air condition units, hot water heaters, stoves, refrigerators, door locks, etc.



Maximum Occupancy:


Each property has a specific maximum occupancy. Take note of the maximum number of guests allowed in the condos before making your reservation. This policy is strictly enforced.





Our properties are located in residential areas and are rented for personal vacation use only. Parties and other gatherings are allowed based upon management approval only.



No Smoking:


All condos are Non-Smoking! No exceptions- $250.00 Fine!



Pet Policy:


No pets are permitted in units or on the grounds.





Renter agrees to maintain the cleanliness of the premises during the occupancy and to leave the premises thoroughly clean and in good condition upon departure.




Sign-up sheets are located on the porch next to the office. You may sign up for a court one day in advance. Limit: One scheduled court time per unit. Unassigned court time may be used by any Casa del Mar guest. No one under 12 years of age may sign for or be on the courts without an adult present.


Buildings/Grounds Area:


Please help us keep Casa del Mar beautiful. No Littering. Please do not hang towels, bathing suits, etc. on the porch balconies or walkway railings. Common areas, including sidewalks, entrances, corridors and stairwells of the building shall be used for the purpose intended and these areas shall be kept free of obstruction, by orders of the Fire Marshall. 




Garbage and trash containers are located at the southeast and northeast corners of the parking lots. Recycling bins are also available.




The only BBQ grills allowed on the property are the ones located at the grill area between the tennis courts.


Rollerblades, Bicycles, Skateboards & Scooters may not be used on the property for the peace and safety of all. There is a 10 mile bike path across the street for these activities.



The speed limit on the property is 10 mph- strictly enforced.



Car Washing is not allowed on Casa del Mar property.



No audible radios or music players outside of your unit. You must use a headset anywhere outdoors or on patios/ porches.


Quite time, For Peace of All, we request quiet in units or out, after 10 PM. Our beach as well as public beaches closes at 11:00 PM.



Washing Machines/Dishwashers may not be used after 10:00 PM or before 8:00 AM.



Wildlife: Casa del Mar does not condone the feeding of birds or wildlife. If you choose to feed the birds, it must be done at the water’s edge on the beach.



No Signs are allowed on Casa del Mar property.



Linen Exchange: Each unit is supplied with linens for your arrival. Linens may be exchanged for clean ones on Wednesday morning, holidays excepted. The washer/ dryer in your unit are for your personal use.



Parking: Boats, motor homes, jet skis, etc. are not permitted on the property due to limited parking. If you would like to bring one of these items, please contact a staff member for off-premises storage information. Please do not back into parking spaces.  The exhaust burns our plants.



Pool Rules: For your safety and enjoyment: Pool rules are posted by the pool.

1. Pool is open from 8:00 AM to dusk. This is a state mandated law.


2. Bathers must shower before entering pool.


3. Food/Glass restrictions

a. Absolutely no food or Beverage is permitted within 4 feet of the pool (“the pool wet deck” area).

b. Absolutely no glass is allowed on the pool deck or the beach.


4. Safety restrictions:

a. Please for your safety no running or horseplay on the pool deck.

b. Small floatation devices and toys may be used when they do not interfere with others’ enjoyment.

c. No large floatation devices are permitted in the pool

d. Pool chairs cannot be reserved


5. Children under the age of 10 years old must have adult supervision

a. All children in diapers must have snug fitting waterproof swim diapers


Umbrella Rentals
Beach Umbrella rentals are $10.00 a day or $60.00 per week. Our staff will put them up at 9:00AM and close them at 5:00PM. In the event of high winds or pending storms, our staff will close them for safety. We do not refund the rental fee due to inclement weather.


Please report violations to the office or security for immediate resolution. For your safety, please keep the doors to your unit locked at all times.



Please report violations to the office or security for immediate resolution. For your safety, please keep the doors to your unit locked at all times.



For assistance after hours please contact the on-site security at (941) 526-6678





Police/ Emergency: 316-1977 or 911




Additional Provisions:


The agent may enter the premises at any time in the event of emergency, but will use its best efforts to give 24-hour notice for normal maintenance or sales inspection.




The Renter agrees that Casa del Mar shall not be liable to Renter, Renter’s guests, invitees or any other person for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property on or about the rental premises. Renter shall hold Casa del Mar harmless and indemnified from and against all loss or damage occasioned by use, misuses or abuse of any part of or fixture on the premises, surrounding areas and from or against any omission, neglect, or default of the Renter, his/her guests or invitees. The Renter acknowledges that Casa del Mar is acting solely in the capacity of Agent for the property owner, assumes no liability thereunder.

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